About us

One-Stop Consultancy Group

Model Earth is a one-stop consultancy group offering geological solutions to the mining sector, from exploration through to resource management, mine planning, development and operational strategies.

The company consolidates the experience of a team of accomplished structural geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, resource ​geologists and mine planners who have developed a truly innovative approach, which seeks out an incredibly diverse array of data sets for any site and integrates them into a single, highly flexible and rich source of intelligence.

Experienced Mapping & Uncertainty Modelling

Utilising classical structural geology mapping techniques integrated with advanced geochemistry, spectral geology and geophysics, our experienced mapping and modelling consultants construct ​many geologically robust, state-of-the-art 3D Uncertainty models which are assessed and ​quantified for effective prospectivity analysis and target generation.

We work to establish a consistent geological framework through the careful analysis and integration of ​multiple data models to increase knowledge and de-risk the exploration ​domain.  The resultant uncertainty models reduce exploration unknowns, provide a measure of uncertainty and improve the predictive capacity of ​the 3D exploration space.

Diverse Clientele

Model Earth’s clients include some of the world’s leaders in gold, copper and base metals as well as emerging explorers, government geoscience departments and industry professionals.